EFL & E2FL Scheme@MYEC

4 October 2019

EFL & E2FL for 2020

Dear Parents & MYEC Students of 2019,
I would like to update you on a few matters for New Academic Year 2020:

1. To qualify for EFL(Extra Free Lessons) & E2FL(Extended Extra Free Lessons) in National Exam/Final Year Exam month(30 days before Exam), students must be actively engaged in any of our courses for at least 12 continuous months before the EFL and E2FL Claim time period.

2. That means, to qualify for EFL & E2FL in Sept 2020, you must resume class immediately after your national exams/final year exams in Sept/Oct 2019. Your break will be during your current yr exams and Week 3 & Week 4 of December 2019 only.

3. Pls also note that all material fees for 2020, deposit payment(for those who have utilised deposit for last mth fees) must be settled by 30 Oct 2019 to confirm registration.

4. For those who will be on vacation for a certain period of time, you will still need to do replacement classes before or after your holiday trip.

5. EFL & E2FL is not compulsory. Anyone who rejoins and do not meet the 12 months of continuous tuition with us, shall not qualify for EFL and E2FL in 2020.

We thank you in advance for your kind understanding and commitment in this matter.

Do advise us if you wish/do not wish to have EFL/E2FL for 2020.

Thank you.

Best regards,
Mrs Anna Yayah-Khatiwada,
Founder of MYEC Tuition Centre.
Tel: 86137174.

FB/Instagram: MYEC Tuition Centre

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