Sign up for 2021 HYBRID PACKAGE(Onsite and Online Combo) FOR SAFE LEARNING!

At MYEC, we are committed to your child’s learning.

Available at our new Central Outlet opening in Jan 2021 as well as Aljunied Branch.

Each new class will start with 4 sign-ups!

Registration for Hybrid Package begins on 23 Nov 2020. Sms us #myechybridpackage at 86137174 with your name, your child’s level and subject, we will call you back! Thank you!

Ps. Our online classes are permanent. To sign up for online classes, sms #myeconlinesignup to 90705881.
See you soon!

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See this post by MYEC Tuition Centre on Google: https://posts.gle/Xx9TF

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