“ Ms Anna Yayah is an incredible English teacher. I used to think English tuition was boring, unproductive and a total waste of time. Hence, I refused to go for English tuition since young. It was only when I failed my English in Sec 2 that I was forced to sign up for English tuition. Ms Yayah completely changed my perception of English tuition. Her lessons are engaging, fun and productive. She has that unique ability to captivate you in class. I have followed her from Sec 2 all the way to JC2, obtaining “B3” for ‘O’ level English and “B” for ‘A’ level General Paper. I was never a natural at English, getting a “B” for General Paper was quite a feat. The attribute I liked about her the most is her willingness to go the extra mile for her students. For example, she would always stay back after class to have 1-1 interactions with us on our essays or comprehensions. Ms Yayah is unlike any other English teachers. Her unwavering love for English and her students make her stand out above the rest. ”

Lim Kai Jie,

Serangoon Junior College.

“I joined Ms Anna Yayah’s English tuition class in 2010 when I was in Secondary 4. It was the year of my O levels examinations and with Ms Yayah’s caring guidance, my English grades improved from C5 to A1. It was a tremendous improvement and I am really grateful to her for that. In class, she ensures that everybody understands what she is teaching, giving everyone the attention they need. Also, she makes classes interesting by telling us about the news. It helps us to gain more general knowledge which is very crucial for my General Paper now that I am in Junior College. She also cares for our well-being, both mentally and physically, making sure that we do not let distractions bring us down. All in all, Ms Yayah has helped me to improve myself in more ways than one, not only in my command of the English Language, but she also taught me life principles which allows me to become a better person.

Cheryl Ter,

St  Andrew’ s Junior College.


“ Ms Anna Yayah is a conscientious teacher who is concerned not only about our academics but also our well-being, and has never failed to inspire me with her passion for teaching throughout the close to three years I have spent with her. Ms Yayah never fails to go the extra mile to help her students and the notes provided are detailed and comprehensive as well. Coupled with a conducive learning environment, I have made vast improvements throughout this course of learning. I scored an A1 for my ‘O’ level English and I hope to do just as well for my ‘A’ level General Paper exams this year.”

Ooi Jingyi,

Raffles Junior College.

“ I have been with MYEC from Secondary 1 to Junior College. I enjoyed learning with Ms Anna Yayah and have learnt how to write with impact, which helped me tremendously throughout my education, from Anderson Secondary to Hwa Chong Junior College. Thank you, Ms Yayah, for making English accessible and helping me to achieve my A1 in my GCE ‘O’ levels through fun and engaging means. Thank you for being there to support us all the way. ”

Seng Jingyi,

Hwa Chong Junior College.

“ Initially, when people told me about joining English tuition, I never believed that it would be able to help much. Well, not until I joined MYEC.  Ms Anna Yayah provides us with relevant and more than enough practice which helped me understand the pattern and approach in answering exam questions. I don’t enjoy  reading, but Ms Yayah shared stories about her experiences and current affairs that intrigued me and many times, all these things come together to inspire me while I am writing essays. After joining MYEC, my English improved by leaps and bounds(from C6 to B3) within 6 months! Therefore, after ‘O’ levels, I insisted that I must join MYEC for GP tuition to ensure continual improvement in my English. I would recommend MYEC to any other student as Ms Yayah is a fun-loving and approachable teacher who is dedicated to her students. “

Sherri Chan, 

St. Andrew’s Junior College.


“Ms Anna Yayah is a hardworking and committed teacher. Her lessons are engaging and lesson materials are always relevant. There have been many times when she went the extra mile to make sure that we were fully prepared for our ‘A’ Level General Paper exams. Under her guidance, my GP grade jumped from an F to a B in my ‘A’ levels. I am glad to have a dedicated and inspiring GP tutor such as her. ”

Herman Tan, 

Serangoon Junior College.

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