How to register for new or ongoing classes.

Hi everyone, we will be opening up more new classes in the month of December 2015.

Registration for the new or ongoing classes can only be done when you have made an advance appointment with me. Alternatively, you may walk in to our centre to make a quick verbal appointment to register your child during our break time.

We are closed on Public Holidays.

I DO NOT attend to registration or enquiries when I am having lessons.

Pls check our latest *MONTHLY time-table(found on our FB website, our official website or my Whatsapp Profile Pic) and come during our breaks to register. It will be greatly appreciated if you can simply SMS/Call me at 86137174 first to book a firm appointment with me before you come down to register and make payment. You may also Whatsapp your enquiries to me and I will call you back within the next business day. Your kind cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.



This *MONTHLY timetable applies only for our HOLIDAY MONTHS(November and December), which is subject to changes as students may have school events or they have  family vacations which require the MANDATORY BRINGING FORWARD of lessons &/or replacement of entire classes within the same school holiday period.

Termly timetables for the Academic Year beginning 3 January 2016 to 15 November 2016 is strictly adhered to. There is NO REFUND for any regular lessons missed, and the student is only allowed to do make-up in March/ June during same level, same subject slots(if there is more than one class for that particular subject and level). Replacement lessons in other subjects IS NOT ALLOWED.

Thank you.




CONTACT: 86137174