All the best for your GCE ‘A’ level exams!

Today marks the last lesson for our GP class. I have seen you grow over the past two years, and heard you speak your mind. I heard you sharing your perspectives on so many global and local issues, and I have seen you grow in maturity week after week.
Today, I send you my prayers that you will achieve success in your A level exams, which will knock on your doorstep in less than two weeks from tonight. Do know that the world is yours, and do know that you are placed in Singapore today as future leaders of ours, tomorrow.
When you graduate from college in a month’s time, remember that you do not exist for yourself. You exist for your family and community. Always nation before self. Make good use of your knowledge to effect positive change in your life and that of the people around you.
I hope that all of you will become our pride and our joy today, tomorrow and for always.
Do your best and seize your dreams.
Love always,
Ms Yayah.

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