Diligence & Time Management

For our students who still need to juggle CCA, tuition and school work up till their Mid Year Exams, remember that this period of hectic schedule will prepare you well for your future life as an adult.

No way will you be able to tell your boss that you cannot complete the office backlog, no way will you be able to tell your wife that you cannot bring your pet cat or pet parrot to the vet if it is sick! What if you feel like eating cake and the cake shop is not anywhere near your workplace or home? You will still want to drive there, right?

You just have to learn to manage your time! 😊😊😊

Anyway, jokes aside now.

Be happy that we all have time to be busy. Many people in the world today feel sad because they have nothing to do most of the time. Being bored is not fun at all.

There is a saying that goes –
“The idle mind is a devil’s workshop”. Remember that you are more fortunate and so very blessed than you think.

May the Lord bless us all on our journey in life, to be the best that we can be, wherever we may be, no matter who we are.

Love you all.
Ms Yayah.

■MYEC Tuition Centre Aljunied
■MYEC Tuition Centre Singapore


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