Power of Holistic Marketing and Honesty

Digital marketers will do well if they can go for some Skillsfuture course and reskill. Prepare to switch career. The world is overcrowded with digital marketing “experts” who claim that they can help grow people’s companies with digital outreach.

My business is based on word of mouth. That is enough of holistic marketing, digital or not.

Digital marketer, why don’t you help Bars and entertainment venues to gain outreach and earn $, prevent them from closing down since they are still closed since 27 March and the next JSS Payout is in October 2020? And their rental rebate will only be in August? Didn’t you know from your “expertise”, that they are due to open only in Phase 3? Didn’t you know that THESE ARE the companies who will probably need ALL your help – with your so-called “expertise” during this pandemic? You did claim you are so good, am I right?

Furthermore, we are an unknown entity. MYEC Tuition Centre is an unknown company. We are a small outfit. How then, did you get to know us? Isn’t it from the digital platform? Or through word of mouth? Then, you say we don’t have enough outreach? How did my Admin contact number reach your handphone screen? Did Harry Potter bring my Admin contact number to you?

Calling my Admin pretending to be a parent looking for tuition at first, and then promoting yourself as a digital marketer to them within 20 seconds of your initial introduction, is really a low-class act. Yes, low-class. I bet you did not learn that from your digital marketing class, did you?

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