Hello, 2023!

Hi, Everyone! MYEC is closed from 16/12/22 to 3/1/23! See you on 4/1/23!
Thank you, Parents and Students, for supporting MYEC Tuition Centre and MYEC Online.
To enrol for any program, pls sms us at 86137174/90705881 and we will respond to you within 3 working days during our closure/holidays. Pls note that all new students must take a diagnostic test at $30 per test at Geylang Bahru Branch before we make the decision to accept your child for our tuition centre programs. We will make the necessary recommendations after the diagnosis is done. Happy 2023! Cheers! Astala vista!
#sgtuition #tuitionsg #sgmum #sgmummy #sgdad #sgkids #singapore

Ms Yayah,
Founder and Owner,
MYEC Tuition Centre,
Established since 2015.


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