Be that Village.

I read with interest the debate about who should be accountable for a P1 child’s ability to read.

As teachers, we know that every child is different. There is no need to put the blame on parents, their race, their income level, their parenting skills etc.

A child’s ability to read or write is purely dependent on his or her developmental level. Every child is special. Every child is different. Like seeds, they bloom and grow at their own time. In November 2018, I planted various seeds in my highrise garden. Eversince then, my Roselle plant is showing promise, it is about 15cm tall now. It will take 6 months to bear fruit, so I have to wait for April 2019 before I can behold the roselle in its Ribena glory. On the other hand, my Rose shrub has taken 7 weeks to bud. (See picture) It will be a matter of 2 weeks or so before I see my little rose bloom.

While some are still grooving on the nature versus nurture debate, let us stop, reflect and take stock on what matters most.

As a mother and an educator, I honestly hope this mud-slinging will stop. It takes a village to raise a child. Parents, teachers, the community – we are all stakeholders in a child’s growth. Be kind and encouraging to our children, at home, in school or in the neighbourhood.

A positive environment, at home, in school and the neighbourhood, will aid in teaching and learning in all ways, all days. Cast away negativity. Be kind, please.

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