Official Announcement




27 March 2019


Dear Parents,

We would like to announce to all Parents and Students that all students will attend 4 lessons per month per subject at MYEC Tuition Centre Ang Mo Kio and MYEC Tuition Centre Aljunied.


From 1 April onwards, should your child’s lesson fall on a day(eg Tuesday) that has 5 weeks, that 5th Tuesday is considered a ‘No Lesson Day'(NLD).


As such, monthly subject fees for your child is pegged at the 4 lessons x 1.5h rate, every month.


This notice is effective immediately.


It is our hope that the 5th week ‘No Lesson Day’ will be a day for all Parents and your children to bond together as a family over dinner, to do fun things together as a family. It will also be a day of relaxation and rejuvenation for your children, so that they can be recharged and sustain their #joyinlearning in the coming weeks ahead of them.


Thank you for your kind understanding and cooperation in this matter.


Yours sincerely,

Ms Yayah,

Founder, MYEC Tuition Centre.


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