We are finally moving to Blk 416!

Dear Friends,

Our MYEC Tuition Centre HQ(Ang Mo Kio) is fnally moving on 1 Oct 2019!


Our new address is:

Blk 416, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10, #01-981. πŸ™‚

I post this article to remember the 4 years that MYEC Tuition Centre spent at Blk 443 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-1245. Thank you for being our first centre in 2015. Pretty, right?

Today, we gently bid adieu to Blk 443.

The past few days, we saw to the construction of our new HQ at Blk 416, which is just two blocks away from 443. Yup, it is just right there near the Teck Ghee Market & Teck Ghee CC. One street away, just a 3 minutes walk away, but nearer to the Teck Ghee Hawker Centre where Blk 409 is.

Our new centre faces the huge carpark that is perambulated by Blk 412, 416, Teck Ghee CC and Ang Mo Kio Ave 10.

To all our P6 students taking their PSLE Listening Comprehension Exams today, remember that you have worked so hard for excellence throughout the past 12 months! We hope that you will attain your hearts’ desires and make your parents and yourself proud! May you get into your dream school in Sec 1! May success and all of God’s Blessing always be with you! Remember that your parents, grandparents, teachers and tutors are all rooting for you!

Cheers and remember that we love you too! ❀

We hope to see you for Sec 1 Classes at Blk 416 in 2020!

For your information, we are having a 20% Early Bird Discount at Blk 416. Register for regular classes from now till 30 Oct 2019! And yes, we also have holiday enrichment classes for you!

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Need to continue painting, yo! Will write more later.

Asta la vista! See you soon! 😊


Mrs Anna Yayah-Khatiwada(aka Ms Yayah)

Founder and Owner, Principal,

MYEC Tuition Centre.


Tel: 86137174

MYEC Admin Contact: 90705881

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