This November, we started P5/P6 Prep(Bridging) classes for English, Maths and Science classes at Ang Mo Kio, Aljunied and Tampines.

In October 2019, we have also started the English and Maths classes for Primary 1 Prep & Sec 1 Prep.

Sec 3 Prep/Sec 4 Prep for Add Maths and English are already in its 2nd month.

Why the hurry?

We are not in a hurry.

We believe in the tortoise that wins the race, eventually.

We believe in consistent effort, that slow yet steady progress. This is especially important for children who need more time to grasp concepts.

People always say, save for a rainy day.

Here we are, saving knowledge bit by bit, for learning and the accumulation of knowledge is always a joyful process to make us better stewards of our own lives.

Carpe diem.

Have a blessed weekend.

Yours in learning,
Ms Yayah,
Owner & Founder,
MYEC Tuition Centre.

This holiday period is for us to help your child revise their weaker topics for 2019 and prepare for 2020. While we understand that some of you are away during the holidays, and will only be able to start in January, we hope that you will encourage your children to revise their weaker topics at home so that January 2020 will be a fresh new start for 2020 topics, without the worry of a weak foundation.

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